How to Choose the Perfect Pickleball Paddle for You

When selecting a pickleball paddle, consider these five essential factors:

  1. Core Thickness
  2. Paddle Face/Surface Material
  3. Paddle Grit
  4. Handle Length
  5. Edge vs. Edgeless Design

Each element impacts the paddle’s power, control, forgiveness, and spin. Here's a breakdown to help you understand how each factor influences performance.

Core Thickness

The thickness of the paddle's core significantly affects its performance.

  • Thicker Cores (around 16 mm): Provide a softer feel, enhanced control, and reduced wobble on off-center shots. They are popular among beginners and top players, including Ben Johns.
  • Thinner Cores (13-14 mm): Offer more power and pop but less control and stability. These paddles provide more feedback on off-center hits.

Rule of Thumb: Thicker cores enhance control and softness, while thinner cores increase power.

Paddle Face/Surface Material

The material of the paddle face affects its power and feel.

  • Fiberglass (Composite): Offers the most power. It acts like a trampoline, transferring energy back to the ball but reducing the sweet spot size compared to stiffer materials.
  • Carbon Fiber: Provides better feel and durability with a larger sweet spot but slightly less power than fiberglass. It spreads the impact energy across the paddle face and handle. 

Types of Paddle Grit

Spin can be a very important part of someone’s game and grit plays a role in the spin a paddle can generate. There are two main types of grit you’ll see.

    • Spray on or painted: This grit has a sand paper like feel and can be found on the following models: 1000, 2000, 4000 and 5000.
    • Raw Carbon Fiber: Then you’ll see grit that is built into the facing material (commonly called raw carbon fiber). This grit tends to last longer and produce more spin. You will find this grit on 3000 model paddles.

Handle Length

Handle length is crucial depending on your playing style.

  • Two-Handed Players: Prefer handles at least 5.25 inches long.
  • One-Handed Players: Typically opt for standard 5-inch handles.
  • Ping Pong Style Grip: A shorter handle is preferable. 

Edge vs. Edgeless

Edgeless paddles are lighter and increase the playing surface but lack edge protection.

  • Edged Paddles: Provide perimeter weighting and protect against damage, found on models 1000, 2000, and 3000.
  • Edgeless Paddles: Preferred by advanced players for the increased surface area, available on models 4000 and 5000 Elite.

Note: While edgeless paddles offer benefits, they might not be the best choice for beginners due to the lack of edge protection.

Comparison Chart


What Are Thermoformed Pickleball Paddles?

All Dominus Carbon Fiber paddles are crafted using the thermoforming process. Thermoformed pickleball paddles represent a blend of modern technology and innovative design. This process involves heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable, molding it into the desired shape, and then cooling it down. The result is a lightweight, durable paddle that excels in both control and power.

Features of Thermoformed Paddles

  • Lightweight: Thermoformed paddles are renowned for their lightness, allowing players to stay agile during gameplay.
  • Durability: Unlike traditional “sandwich paddles,” thermoformed paddles are significantly more durable. The unibody design, a product of the thermoforming process, strengthens the paddle's structure, making it nearly unbreakable. This durability ensures long-lasting performance, even under intense play.
  • Control and Power (Larger Sweet Spot): The thermoforming process creates a seamless unibody structure, enhancing rigidity and stability across the paddle face. This stability allows for better absorption and redistribution of ball impact, resulting in a larger sweet spot and improved stability on off-center hits.


  • Cost: The advanced manufacturing process makes thermoformed paddles slightly more expensive than standard generation 1 carbon fiber paddles. At Dominus, we aim to provide the latest and best technology at the lowest possible price for our customers.

Thermoformed paddles offer a unique playing experience. Their lightweight design reduces arm fatigue, enabling longer play sessions. Their exceptional durability means you won’t need to replace your paddle frequently. Additionally, the perfect balance of control and power allows for precise shots with the right amount of force, thanks to the rigid unibody frame.

Choose Dominus thermoformed paddles for enhanced performance and durability on the court.

By considering these factors, you can find the pickleball paddle that best suits your playing style and enhances your performance on the court.





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