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Dominus Carbon Fiber Pro Series Paddle (Model 2000) 14mm & 16mm

Dominus Carbon Fiber Pro Series Paddle (Model 2000) 14mm & 16mm

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Dominus Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

The DOMINUS® Pro Series Elongated Carbon Fiber Paddle is a high-performance thermoformed paddle using Toray T700 carbon fiber on the faces.

The unibody design has carbon fiber running from the face down to the handle eliminating any weak points in the neck.  This creates a paddle that is more responsive and durable.

The Pro Series thermoformed paddle uses 360-degree molding to create a more dynamic feel, more prominent “sweet spot” and unparalleled power.  The paddle also incorporates foam injected around the edges and down through the handle to help create a softer and more controlled impact.

This midweight 8.0 oz. paddle boasts a reach-enhancing 16.4" overall length and 7.4" width, with a carbon fiber face to provide game winning spin, control and power. 

To further help you create speed and power, the Elongated Paddle features a 5.5" long handle wrapped in a perforated, cushioned grip. This handle helps to create extra leverage on power shots. The paddle offers a polypropylene honeycomb core in a 14mm thickness for power hungry players or a 16mm thickness for those wanting more control.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".


 Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Surface

  • Total Length: 16.375
  • Width: 7.375"
  • Core Thickness: 14mm
  • Polypropylene Core
  • Handle Length: 5.5”
  • Handle Grip Circumference: 4.125"
  • Weight: 7.8-8.1 oz
  • Elongated Shape
  • Foam injected walls (Enhanced sweet spot and added control)
  • Thermoformed edges and a Unibody Construction
  • USAPA Approved

Model: 2000-14E (14mm Core for Power)

Model: 2000-16E (16mm Core for Control)

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